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NBA Podcast: What Elijah Millsap and Elliot Williams will bring to the Utah Jazz

The tough schedule will help us identify what our players are made of, and just who are Elijah Millsap and Elliot Williams

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I got a chance to start off the Phil Naessens show today, and got a chance to talk about what the Utah Jazz are doing -- and more importantly, who are they?

Check it all out here at his site, or just be lazy and listen here:

  • The Jazz schedule: @ Chicago Bulls, @ Oklahoma City Thunder, @ Houston Rockets, vs. Golden State Warriors
  • Why a tough schedule tells a lot about your players, and your team
  • "What can you do when you're at your worst?"
  • Which players have fight in them? Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Rudy Gobert, for starters
  • A nice bounce back for Trey Burke
  • "Broadway" Joe Ingles playing the point forward position; how he meshes with Dante Exum
  • Breaking down the NBA-DL shooting guards Elijah Millsap (brother of Paul Millsap) and Elliot Williams
  • Dennis Lindsey is getting "guys who want to do the dirty work."
  • Is Enes Kanter becoming a "one way player"? Trevor Booker pushing him?
  • Again, more Dante Exum at SG propaganda . . . . from Amar.

Thanks again Phil for having me on the show!