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NBA Trade Deadline 2015 Podcast: Enes Kanter and the Utah Jazz are going to . . .

Talking about Enes Kanter and the relationship with the Utah Jazz . . . and why public demands rarely go well for players.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Once again Phil Naessens had me on his show, and because it's today we obviously had to talk about Utah Jazz basketball. And there's no bigger story right now than the issue of Enes Kanter and his trade demand. Phil and I hash it all out and come to the conclusion that it's probably yet another situation where a very young guy is getting very poor advice from someone he trusts. Listen to it at Phil's site here, or be lazy and just click on below. I start off the show, and it's fun, because I'm back home.

Phil writes:

What surprised me more was Kanter's decision to turn down eight million bucks a year for the next four seasons and remain with the Utah Jazz.

Sometimes I wonder just what these young people are thinking or whoever is advising these kids are thinking.

Kanter's numbers are halfway decent; he's added the trey to his game and at 31 percent from beyond the arc we've seen worse but is that enough to warrant turning down eight million bucks a year with an up and coming team like the Utah Jazz?

The Utah Jazz thought highly enough of Kanter to offer him an extension even though Kanter might be sitting behind Rudy Gobert and Derek Favors. Kanter told them to take a hike and now he wants to be traded?

- Phil Naessens, The Phil Naessens Show, 2015

Personally, I don't want to see Enes go. If he's young enough to be impulsive about something big like this perhaps he can be young enough to learn how to get over it as well. Kanter's market may not be what he was looking for either. It's a rude awakening for sure, but . . . uh . . . I just lost my train of thought. Oh well.

We touch on some other Jazz news, but really, it's a pre-trade deadline podcast for the most part.